Selection of Philippine avian wildlife all captured in habitat, plus nature and miscellaneous images.


Portrait of a tiny, hairy spider

This unidentified tiny spider was resting on a leaf of one of my garden plants when I snapped this photo. I kinda like the effect of the natural sidelighting, the reflection of the sky on the multiple eyes and the subtle detail of the fine hair.

Shooting Info - Paranaque City, Philippines, May 3, 2009, Canon 5D MII + EF 100 2.8 USM Macro, f/5.6, 1/200 sec, ISO 800, manual exposure in available light (no flash), hand held.


A bee up close

This unidentified bee (or is it a fly?) was resting on a leaf and I had to mount 37 mm worth of extension tubes to be able to focus closer and make the tiny subject (between 10 – 15 mm long) bigger in the frame.

Shooting Info - Paranaque City, Philippines, May 26, 2008, Canon 40D + EF 100 2.8 USM macro + stacked EF 12/25 extension tubes, near MFD, tripod/geared head, remote switch, MF via Live View, near full frame, built-in flash at - 1 1/3 FEC.

Green on green: Grasshopper in habitat

Although this young grasshopper stayed motionless atop a leaf, my hand holding was introducing some camera movement and that was messing with the precise placement of focus for one-shot AF.

I switch to spot AI servo for this shooting condition to mitigate my hand holding movement.  The Canon 7D’s ISO 800 RAW files clean up pretty well while retaining good detail when converted with the latest ACR .

Shooting Info - Paranaque City, Philippines, July 24, 2010, Canon 7D + EF 100 2.8 USM macro, f/7.1, 1/200 sec, ISO 800, hand held, manual exposure in available light, spot AI servo, uncropped full frame.

Scales instead of feathers

Not all creatures I encounter along the birding trail sport feathers…. some have scales.

I was birding near a stream at enchanted Mt. Makiling when I came across this slithering subject which was nearly two meters long.

My brain was telling me to grab my shooting gear and flee, putting a maximum area of real estate between me and the unidentified snake. However, my photographer’s foolish heart prevailed, forcing me to shoot some frames of the unusual subject.

The snake slid away silently, leaving me scared but unharmed.

Shooting info - Mt. Makiling, Laguna, Philippines, December 14, 2006, Canon 20D + EF 500 f4 IS + Canon 1.4x TC II, 1/125 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400, 475B/3421 support.

Bee in flight

A pollen-laden bee approaches a tiny flower to amass more nectar. The bee is around 10-15 mm in body length.

Shooting info - Paranaque City, Philippines, June 3, 2007, Canon 20D + EF 100 2.8 macro, f/8, ISO 400, 1/160 sec, hand held, built-in flash, near full frame resized to 950x533.