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The rare Tundra Bean Goose in flight

The first ever country record of the Tundra Bean Goose was reported by fellow bird photographer Alex Loinaz April last year at Candaba wetlands. This single individual became a superstar overnight among local birders, and I was fortunate to catch it in flight over one pond in the wetlands.

This large goose (roughly 30″ length and 60″ wingspan) breeds in northern Europe and Asia. It winters further south in Europe and Asia, and has reached the Philippines in 2010 with this record.

Shooting info – Candaba wetlands, Pampanga, Philippines, April 6, 2010, Canon 7D + EF 400 2.8 IS + Canon 1.4x TC II, 560 mm, f/5.6, ISO 400, 1/1600 sec, manual exposure in available light, 475B/3421 support.

Tundra Bean Goose (Anser [fabalis] serrirostris, migrant)

Habitat – Rare in wetlands, this individual being the first record in the Philippines.